Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where To Find A Good Dyno Tune Technician

If you are planning on making aftermarket modifications to your vehicle, part of the process includes having the car Dyno tuned. Dyno tuning is an essential to ensure your car reaches its performance potential. The tuning is as much of an investment as paying for the modifications. So finding a good technician you can trust is vital.

Why Dyno tuning?

Dyno tuning is performance tuning. Professional technicians use a dynamometer and test the vehicle with the engine running, in gear, and under various speeds and load conditions. The engine performance is monitored by comparing the horsepower transmitted to the drive wheels in relation to the amount of engine vacuum. At the same time, a Wide-Band Air/Fuel Monitor checks the carburetion to monitor each circuit of the carburetor.

Where do I look for a good Dyno tune technician?

Talk to your Parts/Installation Technician

You already have someone you trust who supplies0 your aftermarket parts and installs them. Ask for a recommendation. The entire tuning process is about taking what they have done and fine-tuning it to give the vehicle the best possible performance. Chances are they have a relationship with some shops around town.


Searching around on the internet will educate you on shops in your area which perform the type of service you need, whether it is AWD or 2 wheel Dyno tuning. But how do you know if they're any good? Go to non-sponsored review listings and see what other customers have said. Just be aware that people are far more likely to go out of their way to write a negative review than write anything if they had a good experience. Scroll through the reviews and see if the same complaints are coming up again and again. Then you'll have an idea of what really is a problem and what is one person's grievance. You can also try forums. There are a lot of frank discussions on forums. The downside is you are talking to people across the globe who won't necessarily have a recommendation for your neck of the woods.

Go in Person

With your list cut down, make a point to visit the shop in person. Call ahead and ask if there is a good time to come down and get a tour of the facility. You're going to be spending some bucks here, on a vehicle you've already put money into. If the shop refuses to give tours, don't waste your time. You've got to wonder, what are they trying to hide? Cross them off the list. You want technicians who are eager to talk about what they do and show off their facilities. If they won't show you around, you're looking at people who aren't customer-service oriented. Performance tuning may require follow up visits if your vehicle has concerns down the road. You want to be sure the technicians you are entrusting your car to will have time for your questions after the Dyno tune. If you're lucky, they may let you sit in on a tuning session. Don't be afraid to ask.

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